Biography - Cătălin Rulea

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Cătălin Rulea (b. 1979) is an artist and musician, founding member of the Center for Visual Introspection / PPLUS4 Association (active between 2008-2013). He is active on the alternative music scene and involved in contemporary theater projects. He has co-curated Ars Telefonica in 2008, and exhibited at MNAC in 2016 the project "This is a Set-up", along with director Ioana Paun. He is the author of stage designs and soundtracks for plays like Produse Domestice, Inamicul Poporului, Voi n-aţi văzut nimic, Capete înfierbântate, Nu ne-am născut în locul potrivit, Declar pe proprie răspundere. He has designed and participated in editorial projects such as "Phantom evacuation", Ion Grigorescu "Man with one camera", as well as for Political Theater Platform.