Biography - Ciprian Ciuclea

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Ciprian Ciuclea is a visual artist who lives in Bucharest. He is interested in interdisciplinary projects that focus mainly on the conceptual features of reception. The themes he xplores are closely related to the social aspects of communication, interpretation of messages, contemplation and supervision, placed in relation to the scientific aspects of human existence. He is the Chairman of the Experimental Project and a founding member of the Romanian Society of Ophthalmogenetics. The latest projects: Retro Walk Decades to the Sun presented at the beginning of October 2018 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (collaborative, performative and interdisciplinary project), Comparative Structures presented at the 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018 and the Art Encounters Biennial Timişoara 2017. Ciprian Ciuclea is a PhD student of the National University of Arts, Bucharest, with a thesis on the interpretation of technologically mediated reality.