Biography - Ana Adam

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Ana Adam lives and works in Timișoara, Romania. Solo exhibitions (selection): Haptic Ecstasy, Atelier 35, Bucharest, 2019; Fibres, Pigments, French Cultural Centre, Timișoara, 2010; Art on Knees, Galleria 28, Timișoara, 2007; More Drawings?, The Museum of Banat, Arts Section, Timișoara, 2002; 3 Drawing Exhibitions, Ataş Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, 2002; Drawing Exhibition, Sindan Cultural Centre, Cluj-Napoca, 2000.

Group exhibitions (selection): Mother Tongue, Sector 1 Gallery, Bucharest, 2019; The Unpleasant Show, Jecza Gallery, Timișoara, 2019; Blood, Stop, Space, Gold, Jose de la Fuente Gallery, Santander, 2018; Life – A User’s Manual, Timișoara Art Encounters, Art Encounters Biennale, Timișoara & Arad. She has participated in several international print biennials and triennials in Timișoara (2003), Miskolc (1997), Rio de Janeiro (1998), Krakow (1997, 1994) and Nürnberg (1994).

“I draw with pencils, India ink, pigments, textile fibres, on or in paper or soap; sometimes I take photographs of states, relationships, the almost-invisible or the energy, the wake of actions. I am a character and a creator – it is a concentrated expression of how I find myself in art, shamanism, the new unifying theories of physics, transpersonal psychology and mysticism. I practice art as daily alchemy similar to the anonymous creations by children and women. When I believe in the sacred nature of matter, it can undergo transformations. It is free to change its structure and form. It can become art.”