That Time You Held My Hand In The Glow Of A Burning City

Tangent Projects
Thu, August 04, 2016 to Sun, September 04, 2016

Katy B. Plummer and Kuba Dorabialski's artistic tangent is to create collaborative works. "That Time You Held My Hand In The Glow Of A Burning City" aims to examine the parallelisms within the body of individual works and collaborative work of the artist couple. The centre piece of this exhibition, "The Jaguar Sleeps", is a joint work, commissioned by Tangent Projects, to be screened for the first time at Borderline Art Space.

The Jaguar Sleeps alludes to transformation through struggle - something that could be seen as a recurring theme in the artists' works. Evocative of The Theatre of the Absurd, there is contention between a sincere sense of hopeful belief (in a philosophy, ideology or even perhaps the sublime) and the comicality of grotesque irreverence.

As precedents to the collaborative work, we are able to observe individual video works by the artists. Although distinct in execution, they nevertheless maintain strong parallelisms to the work by the other half; in the poetical and sometimes spiritual text work or the reflection about a broader sense of life and art, which is reminiscent of vanguardistic and retro-vanguardistic ideas from last century.