Ami Barak
Thu, August 27, 2020 to Sun, September 27, 2020
Pusha Petrov is noted as a photographer, but her approach is not strictly limited to the image. It produces and creates works that far exceed the physical gesture of the shutter release. Her personal exhibition is a brief overview of her intense activity that has characterized the last years and includes a new creation. Her research follows a path from object to individual and is revealed through photographic series, as the artist herself states and reveals a hidden identity that hides behind what we perceive in a first gaze.
Being part of a community of Bulgarians from Banat itself, the artist's attention is focused on the idea of belonging and the identity issue is approached in its broad sense, highlighting an attraction made for cultural singularities. As the artist, herself states, I quote “I am interested in observing both the details and gestures of daily life and the attitudes that continue to mark and preserve the uniqueness of each one. Behind the accumulations and diversity of manufactured and carefully collected objects, the individual is simultaneously absent and present, a paradox of our modernity.”