Improbable Landscapes

Judy Peter
Thu, December 03, 2020 to Sun, January 10, 2021
My work frames black female experiences within a South African context, specifically socio-political and feminist commentary. I use landscape as a metaphor, as it remains a visual document of human experiences. It is a space of mapping, of ownership, markings and scarring. Landscape is a site of and for information that I harvest into my works.
I selected specific objects in my paintings (sewing machine, gloves, broken brush, clothes hanger and iron) that suggest more than domesticity. Each of these objects bear their own contextual weight and both individually and collectively impact on women. The paintings are intentionally ‘flat’, the sky becomes a wall and the horizon line, a limitation for all women, a marker of a boundary. The works are not aggressive in approach, it is the layered meanings of the objects in the works which elicit conversations about anger, abuse and scarring amongst other experiences and memories that women carry. My sculptures are carved in wood and celebrate the female form but continue the experiences of the silenced woman. The works speak of current land issues as a residue of Apartheid legislation, violence in homes, experiences of fear, vulnerability and abuse.
Landscape has always been an object of ownership and status. My works represent the tactility of life and expressions of experiences and memories. The works are meant to raise a critical awareness of prejudice and marginalization that often remain invisible. These works are unconscious and conscious retelling of narratives, narratives that are often interrupted. It is for this reason that I continue my narrative.