Tue, April 27, 2021 to Thu, May 27, 2021

Last year has been marked by change and adaptation, rethinking and reflection, the cultural and

artistic field being one of the most affected by the current context.

Thus, the German cultural centres in Romania and the Republic of Moldova have joined forces in

order to support local artists and offer them the opportunity to connect digitally with artists in

Germany in a series of digital artistic residencies – CoLaboratory.

Through this project, we proposed an exercise of imagination, inviting artists to reflect on the

changes that the artistic process has gone through in recent months.

▪️ What alternative formats arose from this situation?

▪️ How does technology help us to respond to physical/social distancing?

14 artists from three countries were invited to the CoLaboratory, grouped in pairs of artists from

Romania/Republic of Moldova and Germany. The tandems collaborated for a month to create a

digital work of art that combines two forms of artistic expression: image and word.

The projects presented at Borderline Art Space:

An Archive of Solitude

Tandem Brașov: Hybrid Lab [ro] + Viktor Dallmann [de]

The Comfort Zone

Tandem București: Silvia Grădinaru [ro] + Claire Fristot [de]

Collaboratory Distances

Tandem Chișinău: Valeria Barbas [md] + Gregor Stockmann [de]

Basic worries of empty seats

Tandem Cluj-Napoca: Adrian Ganea [ro] + Jasmina Al-Qaisi [de]

Biscuits rattling inside a Tin Box

Tandem Iași: Florin Lăzărescu [ro] + Dawid Liftinger [de]

Dear Alexandra

Tandem Sibiu: Alexandra Zidariu [ro] + Lea Sauer [de]

The [C]

Tandem Timișoara: Ovidiu Hrin [ro] + Samuel Kramer [de]