This is not an exhibition

Cristian Nae
Fri, October 29, 2021 to Mon, November 29, 2021

The artistic and curatorial endeavour entitled ‘This is not an exhibition’ subversively uses strategies
to subcontract and redistribute artwork specific to decentralized post-industrial capitalism, while
transforming the usual process of research, production and individual artistic exhibition into a
collective work of production and redistribution of knowledge. First, the artist was invested with
curatorial authority. In turn, the artist Dan Acostioaei agreed to share the allocated exhibition space,
as well as the attention capital thus obtained, inviting to participate in the exhibition cultural
workers - vertical site (Livia Pancu + Florin Bobu), Andreea Cioara and Andrei Timofte - who
addressed topics similar to the research that Acostioaei undertook on architectural decorative
ceramics produced during the communist period, especially in the 1960s and 1970s. These concerns
fall within his activity as a teacher in the Mural Art Department within the Faculty of Visual Arts and
Design in Iași, which Acostioaei expands in the exhibition understood not only as an archive, but also
as an open and continuous workshop.
Through these series of gestures aimed at radically redefining the artistic endeavour as a collective
educational process, the topics of the exhibition move from the aesthetics of socialist modernism
and socialist architecture, combined with the memory of industrial production processes during the
communist period, to institutional, cultural and economic frameworks which facilitates the
commodification and extraction of added value and symbolic capital from the process of artistic
research and knowledge. According to the artist, “artistic research becomes a form of exploitation as
«artistic extraction», a term that also refers to a process of restoration of works of art that is applied
when what is visible, be it the paint layer or a bas-relief or a mural, is extracted from the support
area if it is much too damaged. Each of those present at the exhibition operates or has operated
such extractions of symbolic capital. The socialist project is, in turn, incorporated by the market.